Lawyers at the Public Solicitor’s Office (PSO) now have full access to three premium legal research platforms. The online legal databases include Westlaw Australia and New Zealand, Lexis Advance and vLex.

Access to these platforms enhanced the research capacity of the PSO as lawyers are able to browse swathes of information, which can be used for various tasks from preparing a legal opinion, drafting advice, drafting a legal letter and writing a submission.


Marau, Guadalcanal – Over 15,000 people will now have access to legal information, advice and representation as the Public Solicitor’s Office (PSO) opens a branch in Marau.

The initiative was made possible through a collaboration between the Guadalcanal Provincial Government and the Access to Justice Project, which is implemented by the UN Development Programme in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs and the Public Solicitor’s Office with support from the Government of Australia. 

Honiara, Solomon Islands – Lawyers at the Public Solicitor’s Office (PSO), such as Beverly, continuously deal with other people’s legal issues, which requires effective mental health management.

Part of their service requires in-depth engagement with their clients’ often traumatic experiences in order to provide expert legal advice and representation, which can lead to increased work-related stress and anxiety.

Julia (not her real name) has been a widow for over ten years. She lives in Malaita with her daughter. She fondly remembers her husband of 20 years as a caring and loving family man. After the loss of her husband, she devoted all her time to raising their daughter, who has a speech impairment.