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The following documents are legislation that are relevant to the work of the Public Solicitor's Office (PSO) including approved amendments. Please note that the legislation presented on this page may not be the most up to date versions and therefore, should not be relied upon for legal matters, and for conclusive advice on the current and accurate versions of these Acts, please contact the Attorney General’s Chamber or the PSO.


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pdf Constitution ( pdf, 437 KB ) (74 downloads)
pdf Legal Practitioners Act (1996) ( pdf, 298 KB ) (52 downloads)
pdf Public Solicitor Act (1987) ( pdf, 1.31 MB ) (54 downloads)
pdf The Public Solicitor (Amendment) Bill 2005 ( pdf, 114 KB ) (50 downloads)
pdf The Public Solicitor Act 1987 ( pdf, 1.31 MB ) (55 downloads)