Apply for our Student Placement Program

Can you see yourself working alongside Solomon Islands’ foremost legal minds in criminal, civil and family law, advising on significant matters of public interest? 

The PSO delivers programs and policies to maintain and improve our ability to provide legal advice and representation to disadvantaged individuals and groups and to those who need it the most.

As part of this effort, we welcome student and graduate attachments to our office. Work experience students may also be considered for shorter term periods.

Student Placement Requirements and Entitlements

All students and graduates who join the PSO under our Student Placement Program must sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the PSO.

Students and graduates on attachment are also entitled to the payment of an allowance, subject to the PSO budget.

All PSO staff including prospective staff must comply with the PSO’s conditions of employment.

How we make a meaningful contribution to the wider community 

PSO understands that while everyone needs help from time-to-time, not everyone can afford quality legal representation. We offer extensive free legal advice, assistance and representation to those who need it the most including to the most marginalized groups in society such as women, youth and people with disabilities (PWD).

Our graduates take part in our free legal services, which has helped many Solomon Islanders both nationally and in the provinces.

Helping you be the best lawyer you can be

We are a supportive organisation that embraces diversity in all forms. We understand that work is only part of your life and while our workplace can be demanding at times, we also provide access to a range of flexible working options, leave entitlements and wellbeing benefits to support your diverse needs throughout your career.