PSO recognises the development needs of lawyers in the early stages of their professional career. PSO assists early career lawyers to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained through their legal studies to develop the skills and expertise required of senior lawyers in our Practice.

PSO offers significant training opportunities for newly qualified lawyers to gain a strong understanding of many aspects of lawyering in a Solomon Islands context. We run an orientation program for all new lawyers which includes training about aspects of practice management, building client relationships, plain language and advice writing.

We promote on performance and readiness to take on more responsibility, not on years of experience. We offer lawyers a number of career options (including in-house counsel roles with clients).

For our newly qualified lawyers PSO offers:

  • interesting and challenging legal matters in the national interest
  • supervision and coaching by some of Solomon Islands' most respected lawyers
  • a structured development plan
  • legal skills training
  • practice skills training (negotiation skills, advocacy skills, time recording and billing skills)
  • people skills training (communication, supervision, professional presentation skills)
  • business skills training (client relationship development, financial management)
  • the opportunity to develop professional and personal networks through engagements
  • studies assistance and the opportunity to apply for scholarships in legal studies
  • support from a senior mentor and international advisors and volunteers.

Further Study

Well-educated and trained employees are crucial to our organization’s success. We have various ways to support employees who are studying. Assistance may be provided to employees undertaking study where that study supports the interests of the PSO.

Provincial Postings

Subject to organizational requirements, our employees are able to move between our various provincial offices where they are given the opportunity to work with provincial paralegals and community legal advocates to gain a variety of experience on different matters and scenarios.