The PSO is headed by the Public Solicitor and is structured into 4 Divisions and Units that work together to offer legal aid, advice and assistance across seven specific areas of law.

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division provides legal representation and advice in serious criminal matters in the Magistrates’ Courts, High Court, and Court of Appeal. PSO duty lawyers are available on request when a person is taken into custody or charged with an offence. Alternatively, a family member may contact the PSO to ask for representation for a person in custody or the person charged can attend a legal clinic held once a week to seek legal advice.

Land Advisory and Legal Support Unit (LALSU)

The Unit provides specialist expertise to people who need assistance with logging or mining matters, conservation processes and customary land matters. This assistance can include legal advice on environmental and customary land issues, education and legal representation for landowners and landowning groups.

Civil Unit

The Civil Unit can arrange lawyers to offer legal advice or in some cases, represent a person in a civil law matter. Civil law matters include employment and workers’ compensation, personal injury, money claims, restraining orders, property claims and defamation cases. If you have a letter of administration claim, you should contact the Public Trustee at the Ministry of Lands.

Family Protection Unit

The Family Protection Unit assists persons in need with family matters including divorce, adoption, protection orders, maintenance and custody matters where legal representation is provided in the Magistrates Courts, High Court and Court of Appeal. The Unit can also assist persons in need secure protection orders for a vulnerable person such as a victim of abuse or a child.